Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lol it's been awhile!

Wow last post was almost 3 months ago and I'm a little embarrassed to report there really isn't anything that's changed lol. I'm working at the Chevron here in Spanish, which is a lot of fun I work with a great group of people. Summer has been going good, took Ashton fishing for the first time with his new Sponge Bob fishing pool which he broke today lol. He's very active and really just likes tinker with everything especially his grandpa's stuff. He has a huge bin of toys but rather get into anything he can and take it apart, little boys lol! Time is going by so fast he'll be 4 this year :(, baby is growing up. Other then that nothing much just same ol same ol, I got some pictures done by the fabulous Ms. Chelsey, her company is called Urbanite Imagery you can find her on my facebook friends she did a great job! Well hope all is well in your lives, love ya!

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